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REBOOT EP Physical CD (with Updated Track Listing)

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Own your own physical copy of our EP, REBOOT, with an all new, updated track order. A true collector's item!

Cardboard jacket made with 30% recycled material, designed and pressed in Toronto.

Featuring Samantha Weinstein on vocals/guitar, Gabriel Corindia on drums, and Nathan Price on bass. Lyrics and composition by Samantha Weinstein. Mixed by Gabriel Corindia, mastered by Salmoral Studios.

Copyright 2020, Bandit City Records.

Updated Track Listing:

1) Label Whore (3:52)

2) Ticking (3:51)

3) Keep the Corkscrew (3:31)

4) These Walls (3:46)

5) Karate Girl (3:27)

All CD orders include a free KV button (random or by request) and a KV sticker!

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